FA [Pre-Medical]

Fee Structure (Intermediate)

Program TitleDurationProgram Charges
FSc - Pre Medial2 Years Program64000

Admission Fee = Rs.10000 (Payable Once)
Part II fee plan will remain same subject to the following conditions
1. 75% attendance
2. Maintenance of same percentage marks in internal and Part I final examination.

University / Board Registration and Examination charges are not included in the fee package mention above

Two Years Fee Deposit Plan

Months Fee Plan
September 1st Instalment and Admission Fee
November 2nd Instalment
January 3rd Instalment
April 4th Instalment
August 5th Instalment
November 6th Instalment

Fee Refund Policy

Fee deposited for any program will not be refunded. Same policy applies to semester but if a student has some specific severe problem and is unable to attend classes his / her account will remain frozen for a certain period until he / she decides to rejoin.

  • FSc - Pre Medial
  • Intermediate
  • Lahore Board
Part - I
Subject NamesMarks
Islamic Studies50
Physics (Theory)85
Chemistry (Theory)85
Biology (Theory)85

  • FSc - Pre Medial
  • Intermediate
  • Lahore Board
Part - II
Subject NamesMarks
Pak Studies50
Physics (Theory + Practical)115
Chemistry (Theory + Practical)115
Biology (Theory + Practical)115

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