Ruby on Rails

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The Ruby on Rails course is designed for the people who desire for achieving firm foothold in Ruby for building and deploying Rail applications, as well as design interactive, database driven websites. The first two modules of Ruby on Rails course cover installation, setup, and features of Rails.

Learning objectives
This program will cover the working of Rail, its uses and then developing the practical skills by providing hands-on experience to build interactive websites.

Pre-requisite for Ruby on Rails training program is:
✔ At least 4-6 months of employment experience
✔ Basic programming knowledge of any development language

Course Outlines [TOPIC]
Introduction to Ruby on Rails
Ruby Programming Basics
Ruby on Rails Framework
Rails Introduction
Ruby Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Ruby on Rails Scaffolding
Ruby on Rails Controllers
Ruby on Rails Views
Handling Form Views
Ruby on Rails with Database
Models & Ruby Database
Advanced Ruby on Rails
Ajax with Rails
Agile Rails Development
Testing Ruby on Rails applications
Ruby on Rails Security
Projects in Ruby on Rails Course

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