Artificial Intelligence

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Machines and computers have influenced the manner in which we live and work. Top organizations are always turning out progressive changes to how we interact with AI technology. The fast pace of advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is offering huge opportunity for industrial transformation and our very existence.

Learning objectives
✔ Upon the completion of this far-reaching Professional Certificate, you will get a practical understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
✔ Explore this fascinating and rapidly advancing field of AI with Codeworking.
✔ Learn artificial intelligence by getting hands-on training on NLP, reinforcement learning, predictive analytics, deep neural networks, image processing, the human brain, and a lot more today!

Pre-requisite for RPA training program is:
✔ At least 4-6 months of employment experience
✔ Basic understanding of programming language; Python or R
✔ Basic understanding of Math & statistics– Algebra, Calculus, probability

Course Outlines [TOPIC]
Overview of Artificial Intelligence
The Past, Present, and Future of AI
Development of AI Industries
Strategic Planning of AI in the World
Justice and Equity in the Era of AI
Human-Machine Relationship in the Era of AI
AI Governance
AI Society in the Future
Python Programming Basics
Object-Oriented Programming
Math Basics
Linear Algebra
Probability Theory and Information Theory
TensorFlow Overview
TensorFlow Programming Basics Experiment Guide
TensorBoard Visualization
Data Read and Processing
Graph Operation
Saving and Using Models
Final Project

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