The longest journey, say the Chinese, begins with the first step. It was a first step taken in the right direction to open a college with a view to impart quality education and instructional training to the young students and infuse a spirt, devotion and associated deep sense of duty in them. To establish a good educational institution is definitely an uphill task. It needs determination, courage and gigantic will. As a matter of fact, Peak Solutions College is a bold venture, different from similar other colleges. It is managed and controlled by the top scholars, Educationists and Academics. Peak Solutions College claims to be considered as one of the leading and successful educational institutions. We envision that quality in business, commerce, science and technology education is the core issue and central point of all academic efforts and activities.
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Peak Solutions and Peak Alma School

Dr. Syed Shabih-Ul-Hasan (Shaheed) Says

Peak as a name seeks to inspire within our new generation that they are the with holders of peace and prosperity of our nation. Education is what flourishes an individual, we aim to flourish intellects.


Peak Solutions and Peak Alma School

Shareef-Ul-Hasan Hashmi (Late) Says

Education is considered a privilege. We at Peak wish to provide everyone with this privilege. Education is a right and we understand it. Therefore, we wish to spread education to all without discrimination only to shape our country's future.

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Team Management

Board Of Directors

Dr. Syed Urfi Hashmi
MBA, Mphil, PhD(Aus)
Member B.O.D

Mrs. Dr. Shabih-ul-Hassan
M.A (Urdu), M.Ed.
Member B.O.D

Mrs. S. H. Hashmi

Member B.O.D

Mudassir Naeem Ch.

Muhammad Idress Yasir
MSc (Computer Science)
Member B.O.D

Sheikh Muhammad Ali
Member B.O.D

Syed Husnain Abbas Kazmi
Master In Multimedia
Member B.O.D

Syed Asad Ali Bukhari
M.A [Pol. Science] BS [Fine Arts]
Member B.O.D

Zafar Iqbal
Mcom, ACMA
Member B.O.D

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